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More and more people, both adults and children are being diagnosed with ADHD. A common issue among experts and laymen about this increase in ADHD diagnoses is that it is often misdiagnosed and over-diagnosed. People are concerned about patients being over medicated and children being improperly labeled. There is concern that children are being victimized by the medical profession with reckless diagnosis and treatment, while on the other hand, children who have a legitimate diagnosis are being punished for behavior that is not their fault in school and at home.

Undiagnosed and untreated adults with ADHD are suffering on their jobs and in their social lives. Many of these people are not living up to their full potential and they do not understand the cause of their suffering.

Our position here at the Pinnacle ADHD Counseling Center (PACC) is that all of these are valid concerns. However, we here at PACC are committed to joining the medical and mental health community in continuing to promote awareness of ADHD. We are also committed to partnering with the medical community in order to provide the best ADHD treatment for those who need it.

There is a solid diagnostic criterion for ADHD, and there are valid assessment tools and skilled clinicians. There is no reason for people to continue to suffer from ADHD symptoms.

If you or a family member are showing symptoms of ADHD and want an evaluation, contact your health care provider and contact us. We are a mental health counseling agency skilled in diagnosing ADHD and other mental health issues. We are also skilled and passionate about helping you through counseling, coaching and we will advocate for you at your learning institution or place of employment.

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