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    Pinnacle ADHD Counseling

    Cara Dixon-Taliaferro, LMHC
    200 Central Ave, Suite 3-G
    St. Petersburg, FL 33701

    Driving Directions

    Finding Our Building

    Our office is located in the One Progress Plaza building in downtown St. Pete.


    There is metered parking on the street and a parking lot which allows you to park for one hour for free. If you park in the parking lot, you will need to remember your space number and check-in at the security desk inside the building. Parking is no longer free after 5pm. However, metered parking is free after 6pm.

    Finding Our Suite

    When you enter the building, it's best to go through the "Raymond James entrance". If you enter this way, the security desk will be right in front of you. Not all elevators will give you access to the 3rd floor. The elevators you need to use are right next to the security desk. These are the only elevators that have access to the 3rd floor. Once you get off on the 3rd floor, have a seat in the waiting area and text me to let you know you have arrived. I will come out to meet you.


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