Cara Dixon-Taliaferro, LMHC

Owner and Therapist at Pinnacle ADHD Counseling LLC

Education: Master’s in Mental Health Counseling
Experience: 16 years counseling experience and 11 years in private practice treating adults, children, seniors, couples, families and groups.

Experienced in providing service in the public-school system, CINS/FINS program, pain management, military veterans, law enforcement and first responders.  Previous experienced volunteer counselor at the St. Petersburg Next STEPP Pregnancy Center that offered support, coaching, consultation and resources for those contemplating parenting/pregnancy options such as adoption or abortion. Other Experience: 25 years in law enforcement, case management, pregnancy center, peer counseling.
Specializing in: Trauma, deficits in executive functioning, mood disorders and anxiety while also treating most other mental health conditions. Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Hypnosis and other trauma therapy models.
Certification: Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) & Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)
License: State of Florida in Mental Health Counseling
Modalities: Individuals, couples, families, children and groups, workplace consultations, school consultations, home visits and public psycho-education. Sessions offered in-office and via or secure video.


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We are a counseling service and do not have a psychiatrist on staff. I am licensed in the State of Florida and trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), trauma-based therapies and other therapeutic interventions that are tailored to fit my client’s needs. I offer counseling for individuals, couples, children, families and groups. Pinnacle provides consultation for purposes of ADA accommodation at work and in learning institutions. The counseling interventions are usually brief and goal oriented. Our experience is with a large population that varies in age (3-75), presenting issues and diagnosis, sexual orientation, lifestyle, race and religion. My location offers privacy and comfort. Referrals come from Primary Care Physicians, Psychiatrist, insurance companies, EAP’s, and word of mouth from other clients.

Our mission is to help individuals, both adults and children diagnosed with ADHD and other mental health issues, to discover and live up to their full potential. We inspire hope, encouragement and motivation. We strive to empower clients with competence and self-appreciation. Clients will experience change and growth that will lead to significant increases in their performance capability academically, professionally and socially. It’s never too late to start getting the help that you need.

We Treat Most Mental Health Conditions

What are the signs that you need to seek help?

Trouble functioning at work or in school: The boss has frequent complaints about your productivity, absents, tardiness or social skills. You may notice a change in your work performance or productivity or reduced ability to focus on your work.

Family or household dysfunction: Are you at risk for divorce? Are the children acting out and does the household lack peace and sanctuary?

There are signs of substance abuse: Substance abuse (overuse of alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, recreational drugs, food, sex or even shopping) is often a sign of an underlying mental health issue.

You notice a significant behavior change: Changes in habits that are fear and anxiety based is a big sign. If you notice that you don’t feel like doing the things that you normally enjoy such as sex, physical fitness activity, social activity or work, these are big signs.

Increased irritability or aggression should prompt immediate outreach for help.

Disturbance in sleep patterns may be a sign as well

Anyone or a combination of the above issues that are experienced, even briefly, should alert you to explore what may be behind it. Our assessments are comprehensive. Our treatment plans are goal oriented and brief and usually approached by evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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