Online Mental Health Counseling in Florida

Women Who Have Been or are in Toxic & Abusive Relationships


Meeting for March 2020 is canceled due to Grand Prix Race in the area




Pinnacle ADHD Counseling is hosting a support group for woman who have been or are in toxic or abusive relationship. The relationship to the abuser is not a part of the criteria, neither is the timing of the abuse. It does not matter who abused you, it does not matter when or how long the abuse took place, and it doesn’t matter if the abuse was physical or emotional.
Group structure:
Members must meet the following criteria:
1. Member is an adult age 18 or older both chronologically and psychologically
2. Member must have experienced some type of abuse at some point in their life
3. Member must be willing to sign and abide by privacy agreement
4. Member must be able to and willing to abide by group rules
Open group: which means that if you meet criteria for this group you may join at any time
Support group: which means that this group is not a treatment group but the group is made up of members who share something in common. The group will offer understanding, support and help.
The group will, based on member’s experience, exchange information and feedback as well as offer thoughts on coping skills.
The group leader: is a trained clinician with expertise in the group subject matter.
Guest Speakers: A professional will occasionally address the group with education and resources
Meeting frequency: Monthly: 3rd Saturday of every month
Meeting location: 200 Central Ave. 3rd floor St. Petersburg, Fl.
preregistration in this web store is recommended
Privacy: All members will sign a privacy agreement
Cost-Session attendance will be out of pocket only. Insurance will not be billed. Session cost is $20 per person, per session